5 Tactics to Get Top Ranking on Major Freelancing Sites

Learn how to position your profile for immediate success in the online freelancer marketplace.

Get Top Ranking on Major Freelancing Sites

The ability to manage a business from home, earn money, invest, raise children, and maintain a social distance has become the 2020 marathon. Parents, professionals, graduates, and those in-between occupations were unprepared for the new era of work-from-home opportunities; but, as Covid-19 altered our lives, we were forced to examine alternate employment arrangements that supported our families directly from our laptops.

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Businesses were compelled to lay off employees when budgets were lowered. Individuals chose to leave their occupations out of concern of coronavirus exposure, while others understood that, given the transient nature of life, they desired to leave their jobs and pursue their passions. For all of these individuals, the concept of working on a project-by-project basis for various organizations, brands, and startups became more appealing than ever. As of last year, approximately 57 million Americans identified as freelancers.

As part of Covid-19’s new normal, data for 2020 will show a significant increase in that amount. Why did so many people enter the gig economy in 2019 as freelancers? One survey summarizes it all: talented freelancers make more per hour than 70 percent of workers in the United States. That is why, more than ever before, more people are curious about how they might not only become freelancers, but also position themselves for quick success right out of the gate. The competition to succeed as a freelancer has intensified considerably, and everyone is aware of it. Today, tens of millions of people use the largest freelancing platforms, which range from Upwork and 99designs to Fiverr and Guru.

With millions of providers accessing these sites on a daily basis, how can you ensure that your profile and services are the most attractive? Here are five ways to get top ranking on popular freelancing sites.

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1. Use your picture on your profile

Individuals believe that by working online as an anonymous supplier rather than as a corporate employee, they may conceal their identity in their freelancing profile. On the contrary, excluding any visual representation of oneself from your freelance profile makes it more difficult for prospective clients to trust you. Are you who you claim to be? How can purchasers be certain?

Content that includes images and video receives 94% more views than content that merely has simple text and statistics. As visual creatures, we require photographic verification that we are not being duped.

  • Include a variety of photographs of yourself for your profile image, services, and biography. The more images you incorporate, the more credible you become.
  • Post only clear, high-definition images of yourself making eye contact with the camera.
  • Consider branding yourself by using consistent colors throughout your photographs.
  • Refresh your photographs every few years to ensure they reflect your current persona.

2. Feature as many reviews as possible

Social proof is necessary. It’s the only way we can convince ourselves online that someone is trustworthy if we’ve never met them in person. That is why 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do a friend or family member’s advice. Prioritizing your five-star ratings on your profile will immediately increase a buyer’s trust in you.

  • Strive for a perfect five-star average in the beginning. Consider going over and beyond and charging less than market rates to obtain your initial reviews.
  • Present your reviews prominently on your profile.
  • In your messaging inbox, provide a summary of your reviews to prospective clients.

​​​​3. Don’t lie about credentials

Too frequently, first-time freelancers exaggerate their history and experience since no one is monitoring. This can backfire on you, especially now that purchasers can conduct a quick background check on you in minutes. If the freelancing platform discovers your deception, you will be blacklisted for the duration of the platform’s existence. It is not worth the effort. Enhance the credentials you already possess. If you lack any, give free work to friends and relatives to help you build your portfolio.

  • Spend a few months working for free to build your profile and add actual projects and goods.
  • Never, ever lie. As your profile on a freelancing site grows in popularity, the company will run background checks on you.
  • If buyers trust you, they are more likely to purchase from you. They will never trust you again if they discover you are lying.

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4. Don’t wait for first reviews

One of the most difficult phases of freelancing is the initial weeks, during which you must sit and wait for a buyer to invest in your service. Without reviews, people are unsure whether they can trust you.

Consider thinking outside the box and seeking first feedback from your in-person networks. Inquire of family members, past coworkers, friends, and those that follow you on social media if their firms require your assistance. By utilizing your existing aggregated networks, you may avoid freelance algorithms that penalize newcomers.

  • Consider thinking outside the box and initially offering a discount to people you know.
  • Utilize social media to promote your services.
  • Write articles about your services and publish them on your website or social media accounts.
  • Provide referral discounts to individuals who bring you new clients.

5. Offer more than one service

Consumers, according to marketing studies, like variety when purchasing. When you walk into a clothes store and see only four shirts hanging on the rack, you immediately feel uneasy, correct? However, if you enter a store with 400 shirt selections, you are free to browse and find the perfect thing for you.

Likewise, your freelance profile should reflect this. If you only provide one service, consumers will presume you’re new to the site, have no idea what you’re doing, and only possess a single skill set. When you first begin, ensure that your profile includes at least three (connected) services. This manner, buyers can experience authentic purchasing.

  • If you’re unsure what additional services to provide, look at your competition. Look up others who share your skill set and discover what additional services they provide.
  • Make no apprehensions about teaching yourself new talents. Online classes and practice are available.
  • Increase your services from three to five to even ten after a while!


Those who previously laughed at the prospect of a side hustle becoming a primary source of income are no longer laughing. Our newly decentralized, socially isolated world has paved the way for freelancing, which is why now is an excellent moment to market your skills online via one of the big freelancing platforms. Utilize the guidelines above to position yourself as well as possible when you wade into the freelancing waters.

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