DesignEvo Makes Logo Design at Your Fingertips!

DesignEvo is a web tool developed by PearlMountain Limited. Whether you have design experience or not, this graphic design tool specializes in creating professional logos.


Having the right logo is essential for individuals, companies, and organizations while branding image plays an important role. However, hiring a designer to design a custom logo for you can be very costly. It will cost USD 100+. This is undoubtedly not an option for small business owners or those working on a small budget. This is where DesignEvo comes in handy.

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Design a logo for your brand with huge resources at a low cost

Logo design is not easy as it requires high advice, details, and many modifications to build a logo that symbolizes your message and can be remembered easily by customers. When designing a logo and paying for the designers’ fees, the modification options will be very limited.

But when you use the DesignEvo website to design your logo online, you will not pay until you get a final logo, and you can make modifications until you are satisfied with the result.

What is DesignEvo?


DesignEvo is a web tool developed by PearlMountain Limited. Whether you have design experience or not, this graphic design tool specializes in creating professional logos. It features millions of icons and shapes, 10,000+ ready-made templates, and different backgrounds for choosing.

This is a very simple drag and drop tool. You can easily drag and drop icons and move them around with no design experience required. You are able to save your work to edit it at any time online.

This does not require any experience in the field of design. All the editing tools are easy to grasp and control. All you have to do is edit it to make it yours with a little creativity. It enables you to become a “logo designer” for free.

The 10,000+ ready-made templates are divided into categories to facilitate the search for the right logo for you. You can also search for templates for your logo using the keyword.

Also, DesignEvo will provide you with a lot of icons that you can enter for the logo to build your own unique logo and templates. Just make it an inspiration.

You can design different backgrounds for the whole logo or apply for a specific text with ease.  It also provides you with 100+ professional fonts to use in writing text on the logo professionally.

The final logo can be downloaded in different formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

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How do you create a logo for your site or a brand?

Create Logo with DesignEvo

  1. Enter the logo design page by clicking the ”Make a Free Logo” button on its homepage. Then, from the left side, you can see categories of ready-made templates. Just choose the one you like and click on it to start your logo design.
  2. Now the control panel is in your hands. You can drag any icon and start creating your own logo with the drag and drop feature.
  3. There you can enter the background of the logo and modify the colors, shapes, fonts, sizes with each step. Remember that the logo is an integral part of the success of the site or the brand.
  4. When you want to stop designing temporarily, click “SAVE” to save your work for continuing the editing at a later time. To preview the logo after completion, click “Preview.” It will appear on T-shirts, envelopes, or on a website, etc.
  5. To download the logo in the previously mentioned formats, click on “Download,” and there, you have to choose a plan that suits you and pay for this design. It has a free plan to download a lower resolution as well.

Benefits of DesignEvo

  • These can save you a lot of time and money.
  • It’s free and does not require registration.
  • It has over 10,000 templates.
  • It provides lots of icons, fonts, and other elements.
  • The created logo can be saved to the could for later editing.
  • You are allowed to download high-resolution and SVG format.
  • It can also work on the web browser of iOS and Android devices.

The logo design is at your fingertips!

DesignEvo is an easy and fast tool that lets you create stunning logos in the palm of your hand. With 10,000+ customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, lots of icons, and robust editing tools, you can turn your ideas into a unique and appealing logo in a few minutes, even if you have no design experience.

Whether you are looking to produce an astonishing logo for using on your social media profile, website, company wall, stationery, email signature, letterhead, T-shirt, or business card,  DesignEvo helps unleash your inner creativity. It satisfies everyone, whether you are newbies or professionals.

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