How to Enable Subtitles on Your Roku Device

Enable Subtitles on Your Roku Device

Roku’s streaming sticks and devices are some of the best when it comes to having all of the best streaming subscription services in one place. Because they are cheap and easy to use, they are available to and can be used by a very wide range of people.

The best Roku streaming devices also stand out for how easy they are for users to use, especially when it comes to subtitle options. If you want to watch movies and TV shows on the best streaming services available on Roku and need subtitles for everything, you can be sure that your device has you covered.

But how do you turn subtitles on and off on your Roku device? What settings are there? In this Roku guide, we’ll go into more detail about these things. Read on to learn how to turn on subtitles on Roku and how to change them so that they work for you.

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Tools and requirements

  • A Roku streaming stick or device
  • Roku remote

How to enable subtitles on your Roku device

Boot up your Roku device on your TV. When you’re at the home dashboard, use your remote to scroll down to the Settings menu, then click OK or press Right on the directional pad on your remote.

Then, scroll down until you see Subtitles. Click OK or Right on the directional pad again, and you’ll be taken to the Subtitles menu, which has a lot of options.

Before we can change the different subtitle settings, we’ll need to turn them on. To do this, select Subtitles mode, click OK, and then choose “On always.” This will allow all streaming apps to use Roku’s own subtitles mode.

Once that is turned on, you can leave the Settings menu and go to one of your apps to see if the subtitles are there. It’s important to note, though, that some apps may use their own subtitle settings instead of Roku’s.

In situations like this, it’s best to check the subtitle settings for each app separately. This should help you get your subtitles as close as possible to Roku’s options.

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Roku subtitles – what settings can I adjust?

Roku’s options for subtitles are very flexible and offer a wide range of settings that let you change the subtitles to fit your needs. All of the subtitle options in the settings menu have a preview window that lets you see how they will look on the screen. Here is a list of the choices you have and a short explanation of what each one does:

  • Subtitles language preference: This will set your default language preference. You can choose from a lot of different languages, and the one you choose will be shown in movies and shows that support it.
  • Text style: This lets you change the font of the subtitles. There are only a few options here, but most of the style settings are made to be easy to read, and some have enough letter spacing if you need it.
  • Text edge effect: If you want the subtitle text to stand out more, you can add an effect to the edges of the text. There are options to move the subtitles up or down or to add a drop shadow to make the text stand out more.
  • Text size is a setting that pretty much explains itself. It lets you change the size of subtitles on-screen.
  • Text color: If you have trouble seeing the white text that is the default setting, you can change the color of your subtitles here.
  • Text opacity: Change how clear your subtitles are inset percentage steps.
  • Background color: You can choose to give your subtitles a background box, which will make them stand out more from what you’re watching. You can also change the color of the background. This is especially helpful if you’ve already changed the color of the text and now need a different color for the background to match your scene.
  • Background opacity: Just like you can change how clear the text is, you can also change how clear this background box is. By default, the opacity is set to 100%, but we like to change it to 75% so that the box is just a little bit see-through.
  • Window opacity: Adds a colored frame around your subtitles and the background you’ve chosen for them. This is turned off by default, but like other opacity settings, it can be changed in percentage steps.
  • Window color: Change the color of the window that goes around the screen. There are the same color options here as for the text and the background.

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