Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer or a Realtor? Tips To Frame Your Decision

He biggest reason to hire an attorney is to ensure you comply with your states real estate laws. This isn’t something that an agent can help .

Purchasing a home is a major life choice. You don’t buy homes every day, after all. Therefore, take your time making decisions that could end up costing you money. Realtors are needed to guide first-time home purchasers through the purchasing process. A realtor suggests sellers and locations to buyers based on their comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the market, sellers, and locations.

What does an attorney for real estate do? Should you work with an agent or a lawyer? In the modern world, having a home that is customized to your needs is not an impossible ideal. Don’t let the complications become harmful though.

Continue reading to find out if you should see a lawyer or a real estate agent.

Realtor Vs Lawyer: Pick the right option

Agents and attorneys

Real estate agents can be divided into two groups: buying agents and selling agents. The selling agents, also known as the seller’s agent, strive to sell the property while acting on behalf of their clients, whilst the buying agents work with the purchasers to level the playing field. All you learn about desirable property sites in your city, market prices, and receiving a fair bargain from the buyer’s agent.

However, if you select a real estate lawyer Kelowna, you give that person control over the entire transaction. The attorney investigates the legal ramifications of the property you want to purchase, examines the pertinent paperwork, and gives you advice on whether or not to make the purchase. They are the ones that are responsible for locating the legal gaps connected to various properties and assisting the clients depending on the conclusions they reach.

Role of the agent

Based on the information you provide, a real estate agent searches for clients and tries to eavesdrop on your needs. No matter if you are buying or selling a home, you need to make sure the customer understands your expectations. They arrange property showings for the purchasers at various locations, and they must satisfactorily address their inquiries. They are the ones to handle real estate talks and make sure you obtain the best deal, from hiring home inspectors to haggling with the owner. Your chosen realtor will be able to provide some assistance.

When to hire a real estate lawyer?

Do you have second thoughts about hiring a real estate lawyer in BC? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a legal professional.

Drafting and reviewing the paperwork

There are several contracts and documentation involved in the process, whether you are purchasing or selling your property. Only BC real estate lawyers are qualified to handle paperwork including as home inspection reports, sale contracts, HOA documents, appraisals, and disclosures. The realtor’s sole function is to help you buy and sell a house. Real estate attorneys are skilled at drafting contracts that are appropriate for your transaction. They will defend your interests and ensure that no harm is done, regardless of how modest the trade is and how many problems are involved.

Title search and lien

Before you purchase a property, you must conduct a title search and lien search because they are tied to the property’s legal ownership. To determine whether you should proceed with the transaction or not, consult a Kelowna real estate attorney. A lawyer can help in such situations since legal issues can become complicated very quickly.


Regardless of how deep the trust is, the majority of real estate transactions are required to have disclosures. Reputable lawyer Peter Borszcz from BC Real Estate Law can tell you that the property you intend to purchase is in perfect condition. Therefore, hire him to review the disclosure.


A real estate lawyer Kelowna needs to take control and ensure that the agreement complies with all legal standards if you want the closure of a commercial or residential real estate deal to go successfully.

Therefore, the correct response to the question of whether you should engage an agent or a lawyer is to hire both. Do your part to make home buying and selling effective without a shadow of a doubt by employing a lawyer and an agent, since there are specific reasons to do so.

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