How the Metaverse will Impact Top-Level Professionals

If you work in a completely different industry or have already advanced in your career, you may believe that the metaverse is irrelevant to you, yet the metaverse is infiltrating all facets of life, both personal and professional. Here are some ways it could affect your professional life.


Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, it’s likely that you’ve heard about the metaverse. The term has been everywhere recently. You may believe that this is irrelevant to you if you work in a completely different industry or have already achieved a senior level in your job, but the metaverse is permeating every part of life, including the personal and professional.

These developments may initially appear frightening, but they are also likely to create new opportunities. Let’s examine how this could affect your work and what you must do to adjust and remain competitive.

Wave goodbye to Zoom

Are you one of the several professionals who had “Zoom fatigue” as a result of the pandemic? The metaverse may be on the verge of curing weariness. Imagine being able to engage with coworkers or clients in a setting that closely resembles reality, but then being able to remove your headset and glasses and remain in the comfort of your own home office.

Virtual reality technology is bringing this possibility closer, and Meta has announced that it plans to spend $10 billion on developing its own software.

Although most people identify virtual reality with gaming, it would allow us to communicate with others in all aspects of life in novel ways. Virtual reality would enable us to interpret the social cues and body language of anybody we are conversing with, just like we do in real life.

Yet, it is significantly more convenient to communicate with someone in the metaverse than to go across the country or the globe to meet them in person, hence creating a variety of new opportunities.

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Faster employee turnover

The transition toward remote work has already begun. Those who believed that the world will “return to normal” after the pandemic have been proven wrong. Numerous businesses have learned that allowing their staff to work remotely expands their talent pool. Recent figures suggest that more than 10% of jobs advertised are now remote.

This trend is likely to be accelerated by the metaverse. Organizations will be able to conduct candidate interviews using virtual reality and will experience fewer obstacles while working with a distributed workforce.

The good news for you? More career options. Due to their specificity, more senior roles are normally more difficult to get, but the metaverse would make the entire world accessible.

However, there is also bad news: all of this will result in an increasingly competitive labor market. Overnight, a rising star from the other side of the world could assume your position.

Brand new jobs

The emergence of new industries is usually always a consequence of technological advancements, and the metaverse is unlikely to be an exception. We are so early in the process that it is difficult to forecast which occupations will emerge, let alone if they will affect your existing position.

Will branding professionals need to evaluate how their marketing techniques can be implemented in the metaverse? How about human resources professionals arguing with employees who refuse to select proper avatars for virtual meetings?

These forecasts could be significantly off. As a senior professional, you are responsible for keeping up with current developments and maybe adapting your skillset accordingly.

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Improved training and skills development

As a manager or business leader, training your team members and fostering their professional development is essential. Recently, we’ve witnessed numerous advances, such as learning and development technologies, but the metaverse would truly push things to the next level. Not only would you study the theory behind something, but you could also practice it.

The most obvious application would be for people performing practical work, such as learning to operate machinery, although knowledge workers might also benefit from metaverse training. You may have the opportunity to practice presenting a presentation to investors in front of a simulated audience or managing a challenging meeting.

See you in the metaverse

It’s difficult to image Dave from accounts and that bright spark from management conversing or catching up over the weekend while hiding behind their avatars in some strange digital city. In a few years, though, this may be as commonplace as emailing your colleagues from your smartphone while grocery shopping.

Some of the ramifications may appear frightening but try to concentrate on the positives. Your next job interview could take place on a beach in the Caribbean or on Mars. Who wouldn’t want to have that experience?

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