How to Take Care of Your Pet During Corona Pandemic

Pet owners and parents are grappling with difficulties such as pet health, food supplies, and pet walks. ZeeGeeks has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for keeping our dogs healthy during such times.

Take Care of Your Pet

With the all-pervading, almost deafening silence, we’ve been hearing the howling of hungry dogs more than ever recently. In their search for food to survive, street dogs are suffering since their boundaries are no longer delineated. While many kind people feed these helpless street animals, the number of animals falling on the street due to a lack of food and water has increased.

Having a pet at home during these times of unpredictability and lockdowns can be quite difficult. Then there were the rumors of Covid-19 infecting the animals, which put a lot of people in a pickle.

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Pet owners and parents are grappling with difficulties such as pet health, food supplies, and pet walks. While the lockdown appears to be soothing, regular visits to the veterinarian appear to be a thing of the past due to travel limitations and measures to be taken. When hope seems to be fading, our pets are the ones who help us get through this crisis by providing us with something amusing or cute in the form of unconditional affection and joyous wags.

Many of you are looking for professional advice on how to keep your pets safe, healthy, and fit. ZeeGeeks will let you know about how pet parents may manage them. Here are a few dos and don’ts for keeping our pets healthy during these times.

Hydration and Nutrition

What is true for our own health is also true for our pets. Make sure the food you provide them is nutritious. “At their regular meal times, give your pet their regular food. Make sure you have enough pet food for 1-2 months ahead of time. In these hot summer months, keep them hydrated by giving them a clean dish of water on a regular basis. If their regular food is unavailable, consult your veterinarian to see if you may gradually transfer your pet to wet food “Iyer stated.

Wet meal options for cats and dogs are now available from several pet entrepreneurs, including paneer, chicken, fish, and vegetables, as well as health makers. “Choose fresh, handmade options to ensure that your pet consumes a balanced diet. They may also create customized meal programs for your pet based on breed, age, and weight. Also, before introducing your pet to a new meal, consult your veterinarian “she continues.

Play Time

Watching amazing movies of pets all day is not a good activity, no matter how much enjoyable it is, even if it promises 100 percent connection with your furry baby. Iyer recommends making amusing films with your pet and taking brief walks outside during the day when the odds of seeing strangers are lower. Obstacle courses and activities for dogs can also be used in the home to keep them occupied while also ensuring that they get enough exercise.

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Vaccination and on-call veterinarian

Veterinary consultations and immunizations are essential services that must not be overlooked. Pandemic has converted us into a digital world, and you can now ask physicians questions about your pet’s health via the internet. “You can also arrange Vet On Call service to avoid traveling and instead have a veterinarian come to your home to manage your pet’s health condition,” she says, adding that “pet healthcare, food, and medicines fall under essential services.” Keep the contact information for the veterinarian on hand, as well as important helpline numbers for animals in crisis. Keep track of your pet’s vaccination and deworming program to ensure that they are up to date.”

It is not an option to neglect your pet’s vaccinations. Vaccines protect your pet from very contagious and dangerous infections while also improving their general quality of life.

Taking Care in Treatment

According to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that the new coronavirus can infect pets. The virus cannot be spread by dogs or cats. However, if droplets from an infected person land on the pet’s fur, a human interacting with the pet is at risk of contracting the virus. Don’t let rumors get the best of you and abandon them. Allow your pets to interact with people and animals outside for the time being. “Taking care of a pet is an important part of owning one. It’s critical to have an emergency plan in place, which includes who would look after your pet if you become unwell. Have a family member or acquaintance who can take over this responsibility when the time comes,” Iyer adds.

Cleaning And Hygiene

While we maintain hygiene and take precautions while caring for our pets, these are equally vital. To begin, wash your hands before and after grooming or touching your pet. When you get home from walks, wipe their paws and coat with a moist cloth or pet wipes.

“If you’ve just returned home from a trip, use a medicated soap to wash your hands. Sanitizer should not be used on your pet’s paws or coat because most of them include alcohol, which can dry up your pet’s skin and cause alcohol poisoning. Keep their food and water bowls clean, and always provide fresh water and food. Also, clean their beds or rugs and make certain they are completely dry “she proposes

Pets have the unique ability to love you unconditionally. Whether it’s raining or shining, our pets are always there for us. As a result, it is our job to look for their health and well-being. Consider saving an innocent life by adopting a pet in need of a home and a loving family during these trying times. A part of one’s soul is considered to stay unawakened until one has loved an animal.

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