iPad Pro 2022: 6 New Features & Essential Changes Expected in iPad Pro 2022

iPad Pro 2022

When Apple released their latest iPad pro in 2021 a lot of fans and enthusiasts were so impressed that the demand exceeded the supply of the iPad. It had a 12.9’ liquid retina XDR display with a custom-designed Apple M1 APU and 5G connectivity. Not only this, but it also had a LiDAR Scanner in the rear cameras. Naturally, as with every Apple product, this too had all the tools it needed to be a favorite among consumers. But now in 2022 Apple is expected to deliver even more value for money in their iPad Pro 2022 model.

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Some of which we already know (courtesy of various leaks) and some of which are speculated. If you want to start a business selling wholesale iPhone then check this site out. Here is a compiled list of what we know so far:

Wireless Charging

When Apple introduced Magsafe charging from iPhone 12 onwards a lot of fans were delighted that they could finally cut the charging cord and live conveniently without one. But the iPad Pro model owners were not so delighted as they still had to carry around their charging cable and adapter everywhere they had to go. You see the aluminum back body cover cannot be used for Magsafe since it requires a glass back. So a lot of speculations are ongoing regarding Apple incorporating a glass back in the iPad Pro 2022 model so that it is compatible with the Magsafe charger.

Display Technology

Display Technology

Mini Led is a fairly new technology wherein several small led bulbs are used instead of one big LED. This helps in several ways. Firstly with several mini-LEDs Apple can precisely control using software the area of the screen to be brighter or dimmer depending upon the content. Apple could make blacks appear deeper like in those AMOLED screens. Apple could achieve significantly higher battery life due to varied usage of the LEDs and like these, there are many more potential use cases of mini LEDs. Apple has reportedly used 10,000 mini LEDs with each one below 200 microns in the 2021 models. This has also made the iPads thinner and lighter to hold too.


The 2021 model has Apple-designed M1 Processor. Speculations are ongoing that Apple will release their M2 chipset alongside the new Macbook Air and then might also use this same chipset for iPad pro-2022 models. The Apple M1 chipset is an octa-core CPU with a dedicated eight-core graphics card. This is a power-efficient and highly responsive chip which can perform both graphical intensive tasks like photo or video editing and light to heavy mobile gaming. It is custom-designed by Apple and so they have control over its APIs which is what makes them highly secure too.



Storage is something that every iOS user runs out of in a couple of months of usage. Apple understands that which is why they have stopped the 64 GB options and hence started the base variant from 128GB. The top variants come with 2 TB of storage too. If you still need more storage for some extra work you can always buy an Apple iCloud subscription and use as much storage space as you need. This year there is no speculation regarding this but an expectation that Apple will let its iPad’s storage configuration stay the same as it is now.

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The bigger model of the iPad Pro 2021 had 10,758mAh as its battery capacity. Despite this several fans and enthusiasts were not happy since using the magic keyboard was draining a lot of battery and hence they had to frequently charge up their iPad pro. Apple might take this issue up and increase the battery capacity further or may push a battery optimization software algorithm to all its users. However, according to some speculations among community users, Apple may take the hardware route regarding this as they now have little wiggle room for weight due to usage of Mini-LEDs.

5G Support

All iPad Pro models of 2021 had 5G support. With 2022 updated iPad Pro models, Apple is expected to increase the support of even more 5G bands. Since people from all over the world are expected to use the iPad Pro tablets, their country’s carrier might not support the 5G bands present in the iPad. So to eliminate this hassle and make it convenient for users to access the net on the go Apple might incorporate in 2022 more 5G band support in its 5G modem inside the iPad.


Apple has always been a company that listened to users’ feedback and then made improvements to its product. This is exactly why Apple is the world’s most valuable phone, tablet and computer company. Apple always tried to cater to every type of customer be it enthusiasts, fans, retail, corporate, etc, and hence they have released so many different yet similar in some way or other devices. Like there were two iPad 2021 pro models with different screen sizes and battery capacity to cater to the needs of two different customers. But they all had the same operating system which is iOS.

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