5 Ways to Make Money As SEO Expert in 2022

SEO is certainly one of your best options if you’re trying to learn a new skill to generate money as a side hustle or full-time employment next year.

make money as seo expert

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important aspect of modern digital marketing and a valuable skill to master if you want to generate money online.

Is it possible to become a millionaire with SEO? That is entirely dependent on your abilities and ability to scale. The short answer is that SEO can be a terrific way to make a fair career, and the sky’s the limit if you have the expertise to scale an SEO practice.

There are numerous ways to generate money online these days, ranging from developing an ecommerce website to writing a blog to advertise products and services. But none of this will be effective unless you can get people to visit your website. This is when search engine optimization comes in handy.

In 2022, there are five ways to make money using SEO. But, before we get started, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

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What is the maximum amount of money that SEO can make?

So, how much money can you expect to make from SEO? Most SEO experts can make between $113,518 and $131,590 as of September 2021.

Salaries are determined by a variety of characteristics, including education, certifications, work experience, and other talents. While the attractive body you see above is well worth the effort, it does take a lot of practice to get to that level.

So, let’s have a look at how you might make money with SEO.

1. Get a job at an SEO company

Working in an SEO agency can expose you to not only technical skills such as website analytics, but also managerial abilities such as making presentations and pitching new clients.

Additionally, you will have the potential to advance in the company, gain new skills from peers, have job security and a stable source of income, work with many clients, and have other prospects for advancement within the organization.

However, there are some drawbacks, such as the inability to select clients and brands to work with, as well as the requirement to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. without much flexibility.

2. Create an ecommerce website to sell goods

You may utilize search engine optimization to sell physical things through an ecommerce website if you have extensive expertise of ecommerce SEO.

Begin by deciding on your specialty and the product you’ll be offering. You may do this by conducting keyword and audience research to see which keywords your potential buyers are searching for while looking for this product.

For example, if you find a term like “stainless steel pasta maker” that has a lot of traffic but not enough companies offering it, you can figure out how much demand there is for that product and then plan to sell it on your ecommerce website.

Before you make a decision, conduct an in-depth SEO competitor study; this is the only method to determine how much it will cost to rank in the top places for your desired keywords.

Branding and messaging are completely under your control on ecommerce sites. Furthermore, the ecommerce business is increasing, making it a profitable investment. Of course, it’s also a good way to make money.

However, there is a level of uncertainty, as you may have trouble finding clients for your product and growing may be tough.

3. Using your website to dropship other products

Let’s imagine you’ve launched an ecommerce site that’s performing well, but your consumers are asking for new products, or you’re having trouble controlling inventories.

The answer is dropshipping!

Dropshipping allows you to sell a product on your website without having to worry for shipping and fulfillment. It’s a fantastic way to sell things without having to worry about production, inventory, or even purchasing products that may or may not sell.

This strategy is successful because it allows anyone to start an ecommerce business and focus on marketing and growth rather than pre-ordering products and delivery.

The following is how it works: An individual visits your website and places an order. The order information is subsequently shared with your drop shipper. The drop shipper gives you an invoice for the product sold after the order information is received. The package is mailed to the customer by the drop shipper, and you are relieved of the burden of inventory management and shipping concerns.

Depending on the products you intend to offer through your website, it’s critical to have SEO-friendly content. If your niche is “antique furniture,” for example, make sure you include all relevant keywords (three to four search terms) so that your target audience may easily locate your website.

To make your material stand out, write fresh and distinctive product descriptions (rather than copying language from the manufacturer’s website), and make sure you have the correct keywords and a personalized tone and voice that your buyers are familiar with.

Drop shipping allows you to start selling unique products without worrying about shipping and handling, have the freedom to choose products that align with your values and ideals (for example, if you’re vegan, you can create a niche by selling vegan beauty and skincare products), and diversify your brand by offering something new and unique to your customers every other month.

However, there are some concerns to be aware of, including a lack of control because shipping and production are handled by a third-party vendor, a lot of competition, a lack of supply-chain control, and the possibility of legal responsibility issues.

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4. Offer SEO services

You can assist clients achieve their business goals by increasing traffic to their website and generating sales with SEO consulting services.

An SEO consultant helps their clients enhance their SEO rankings and generate organic traffic by providing important search knowledge. They assist clients with keyword research, website auditing, technical SEO, and the development of successful SEO strategies that can be deployed across a variety of platforms, among other things.

SEO experts also conduct rival SEO analysis and give thorough recommendations on how to use the information, whether it’s for content strategy, backlink strategy, or specific keywords. An SEO expert can also change plans to accommodate for new SEO trends and Google algorithm upgrades.

While this may appear scary, it can be a very successful and pleasurable career, particularly for someone who has worked in an SEO business for some time.

The advantages of SEO consulting include the opportunity to engage with new clients, the freedom to work with clients and brands of your choosing, and the ability to extend and grow your consulting firm.

The stress of managing clients, the difficulty of obtaining fresh leads and clients, and the need for substantial experience are all disadvantages of SEO consulting.

5. Create a blog and monetise it with ads and affiliate marketing

So, how long does it take for SEO to pay off? If you have a popular blog with a lot of traffic, you can start making money with SEO right away by writing sponsored content and placing banner advertising on your site.

Paid adverts allow you to be compensated based on the number of hits and traffic your site receives, whereas sponsored content entails writing about a certain business or service on your blog.

Starting a blog allows you to choose your area, whether it’s technology, beauty, fashion, or travel, and incorporate your brand into the material while building an online community of like-minded people. It also gives you a lot of creative freedom and space to experiment with new sorts of content because you may determine your working hours.

However, writing good material for a blog takes a lot of work, and it can be tough to come up with fascinating, timely, and evergreen content on a regular basis. You may also encounter technical difficulties and require assistance in addressing them.

Learning and mastering SEO is an important skill. The possibilities for putting it to good — and profitable — use are boundless.

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