Video Marketing: How SaaS Companies Can Boost User Engagement

Increase traffic, engage your audience, cultivate relationships, maximize your return on investment, and strengthen consumer loyalty.

Video Marketing

Which would you prefer, reading a 1,000-word article or viewing a 5-minute video?

The majority of people prefer to consume content that is more engaging and incorporates audio-visual aspects. While reading plain text can get tedious, research indicates that watching videos has the opposite effect. And it is for this reason that businesses have begun include compelling videos in their marketing campaigns.

Historically, SaaS businesses have relied on straightforward marketing strategies. They frequently use more words in their adverts and emails and fewer graphics. However, their audience has evolved, as have their content consumption preferences. Today, an explainer film demonstrating how to use a SaaS platform is much more likely to gain traction than the identical procedure described in plain text.

This is why, in 2021, video marketing will be critical for SaaS companies.

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What is video marketing?

In a nutshell, video marketing is the practice of incorporating video into firm marketing campaigns. Throughout the marketing funnel, videos are used to capture prospects’ interest, persuade them to engage with the brand, and continue communicating with them as they become customers.

Video marketing may be utilized for a variety of goals, from establishing relationships with customers and promoting your brand to making significant announcements and attracting new clients.

Businesses engaged in video marketing and software as a service

SaaS companies frequently offer highly technical products that may appear difficult to a non-technical audience. Businesses may communicate their message effectively and easily through video marketing. For instance, if you give a CRM platform to your clients, creating an entertaining video detailing its features and benefits can assist your viewers better grasp how it works and will help you gain the traction you seek.

SaaS businesses may leverage video marketing to enhance their email campaigns, create tutorial films, raise awareness about their offers, and promote their brand in order to generate leads. According to Quincy Smith, Ampjar’s head of SEO and content, “videos bridge the gap between a demo and an email.” By creating a video to illustrate certain features of your SaaS solutions, you can communicate your message more simply and easily.

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How to begin with SaaS video marketing

How to get started with SaaS video marketing is as follows:

1. Define your audience succinctly

Always begin by determining who you are speaking to with your marketing efforts. What type of material are we looking for? Which type of video will appeal to this demographic? For instance, if you’re targeting chief technology officers and senior management at a company, your films should be highly technical, presuming that your viewers are already familiar with the technologies you’re promoting. On the other hand, if you’re addressing end users who may or may not be familiar with your offers, it’s critical to begin by explaining the fundamentals of your SaaS platform before delving into the intricacies. Additionally, defining your target audience enables you to gain a better understanding of the sectors you’re targeting and prospective client preferences, which will aid in the creation of an ideal video marketing campaign.

2. Create videos that are tailored to your target audience.

After determining your target audience, it’s time to get creative. The possibilities are limitless. You can use films to demonstrate your offerings, to showcase client testimonials, to tell the story of your business, or to express any other unique message you wish to convey through your campaign. If you’re include video in your emails, ensure that it complements the email’s body and aim. Pro-tip: If you’re just getting started and lack the funds for video production, you can film videos on your phone.

3. Select the most appropriate platform for broadcasting and sharing your videos

There are numerous digital channels for showcasing your videos, depending on the purpose of the video and your target audience. The most frequently used is your website. Instead of a text-heavy website, incorporate explanation films to encourage visitors to watch rather than read. If the videos generate prospects, follow up with them via personalized emails.

The advantages of Saas video marketing

1. Excellent information retention

In comparison to plain text, your target audience is more likely to retain the information and messages given via video marketing. This enables you to cement your brand’s image in the minds of your customers, ensuring that they remember your products.

2. Increased audience engagement

Video marketing enables you to communicate the core of your business in a way that is relevant to your clients’ demands. Video engages current consumers and persuades prospects to engage with your brand.

3. Attracting attention across multiple platforms

Through video marketing, you can generate a significant number of backlinks to your website/blogs, increase site traffic, and increase social network likes. Engaging films are more likely to be shared by a broader audience in the age of digitization and social media, giving you with adequate traction.

4. Increased email marketing effectiveness

When emails include videos, they are more likely to be opened — and viewed — than simple text emails. Even if they are not very interested in purchasing, people are always more likely to check out videos. If your videos are sufficiently interesting, you may end up converting a lead that would have been lost otherwise.

5. Simplifying perplexing facets

As previously said, SaaS organizations frequently deal with technology, techniques, and platforms that are unfamiliar to a big segment of society. Through the use of compelling videos, you may demystify complex areas of your products and assist your audience in better understanding the platform/technology.

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Important factors to consider while promoting SaaS products via video

The following are some of the most critical factors to consider when developing an excellent video marketing campaign:

1. Resource allocation

Always use caution when devoting resources to your video marketing effort. Make sure you budget a reasonable amount of money for shooting equipment, editing software, and talent to create your videos. This will assist you in determining an optimal ROI and working toward it.

2. Give precedence to storytelling

No matter who your audience is, your videos should always convey a story. If your prospects and customers are told an interesting tale, they are more likely to connect with your messages and respond to your calls to action.

3. Place a premium on creativity

Simply creating a video will never be sufficient to entice your audience to your brand. It is critical to maintain a creative mindset when creating videos for marketing initiatives. Consider what your competitors are doing and strive to differentiate yourself from the pack by delivering your messages in the most inventive manner feasible.

4. Concentrate on length

Keep your films brief and succinct. While individuals prefer to watch videos rather to read plain text, their attention spans are limited. With lengthy videos, you’ll lose them. Be succinct and direct.

5. Thorough examination

Once you’ve created the videos and launched the campaign, the real job begins. It is critical to conduct an analysis of the impact of your videos and the traction they generate. Analyze the return on investment generated by your campaign and the regions that did not perform well. Make an attempt to address the deficiencies in order to make your future campaign more effective. Maintain analytics and numbers for in-depth study of your video marketing campaign in real time.


As videos gain popularity across several digital channels, video marketing may assist SaaS companies in growing their interaction and achieving the traction they desire. Recognize your audience and cater to them by generating videos that reflect their tastes.

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